The Bible is filled with stories of triumph and tragedy, war and peace, gain and loss. These stories speak to each of us in many different ways. The lives of these men and women is a source of living water that refreshes us and encourages us that anything is possible with God.

What about your story? 

Here’s a thought to ponder: “What if your story needs to be told? What if it is a story of God’s faithfulness that needs to be shared in this generation?”

Let me guess your next thought:

  • ​“My story is not that remarkable. It’s boring compared to what the Lord has done for other people.” 
  •  "I could never share my story. It's so shameful." 
  •  “If I put myself out there, I couldn’t bear the attention or the possibility of criticism.” 
  • ​“Truth be told, I would love to write my story, but is this God’s invitation or my own selfish desire?”
FlourishWriters is Dedicated to Equipping a Generation of Women to Unleash Their God Stories! 
FlourishWriters: The Power of Story is a 6-module writing course designed to help you birth your story out of your heart and unto paper. 

During the The Power of Story experience you will receive : 

  6 Teaching Modules
Never written your story before? No problem! We encourage and equip you with a practical step-by-step writing process you can implement. This process guides you in prayer & reflection, planning, writing, and revising your story. 
 Interactive Digital Workbook
We provide weekly assignments to help you practice what you've learned with a digital workbook that breaks down the process into achievable action items. Our interactive workbook guides you through each step of the story writing process and easy-to-use checklists help you during the editing phase.  
 Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
During our monthly live coaching call available to all FlourishWriters students, we will show you behind the scenes of our personal writing process and answer your questions live. In addition, FlourishWriters Students have the opportunity to submit their writing draft to be used as an example of the editing and review process. 
 Private Support Community
Get instant access to our private Facebook group filled with helpful resources and inspiring conversation for writers. 

This is truly one of the best writing courses I have ever taken!

"The Power of the Story" course teaches various writing techniques through the use of weekly workbooks, training videos, and live coaching calls that are instrumental in helping a new or seasoned writer. I was richly blessed by Mindy and Jenny's thorough instruction, expertise, encouragement, enthusiasm, and commitment to the attendees of the course. They were always accessible for questions and did all they could to be supportive and helpful. I learned so much throughout the course and I didn't want it to end!" 

Susan Bricker, FlourishWriters Student
What will I learn during The Power of Story?
Phase One: Idea
What should I write? Moving into the Idea Phase, you further engage with God as you journal, reflect, and listen. You consider many stories that could be told as you explore different possibilities. 
By the end of this module, you will:
  • ​Gather insights from Ephesians 2:10
  • ​Create a timeline for personal reflection.
  • ​Brainstorm your story ideas.
  • ​Create a support team.
Phase Two: Planning
What do I include in my story? During the Planning Phase, we zero in on the specific story that you are called to write. The step-by-step planning process guides you to summarize your story idea and reflect on your Key Scripture. 
By the end of this module, you will:
  • ​Choose the specific story you are called to write.
  • ​Create a devotional story map to refine your story idea.
  • ​Study your Key Scripture.
Phase Three: Organizing
How do I prepare to write? Now that you have identified the specific story you’re going to write, it’s time to get organized. Decide what details to include in your story, finding that sweet spot created by well-placed boundaries. The organizing process guides you to clarify the purpose your story will communicate. The purpose is supported by your Key Scripture which anchors your story in God’s Word. 
By the end of this module, you will: 
  • ​Refine and summarize the details of your story.
  • ​Clarify your purpose for writing.
  • ​Understand the needs of your reader.
  • ​Organize the details of your story. 
Phase Four: Writing
How do I complete my first draft? With our planning and organizing process, you’re fully prepared to get those words from your head onto paper. Even the most reluctant writer discovers that they are ready to write with the tools that are provided. The writing process is guided by examples from our own writing to demonstrate how to create a first draft. 
By the end of this module, you will:
  • ​Practice the craft of a well-written story.
  • ​Learn how to overcome writers block
  • ​Discover the elements of the crucial first paragraph.
  • ​Write your first draft.
Phase Five: Editing
How do I strengthen my writing? Now that you have a first draft, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of editing and revision. We want to help you tighten the prose so that your story connects with your readers. We provide guidelines for a Friend Edit and a handy Self-Edit checklist to overcome the common pitfalls of devotional writers.
By the end of this module, you will: 
  • ​Learn an organized approach to edit and revise the content of your first draft.
  • ​Engage with your support team for a Friend Edit.
  • ​Use the Self-Edit checklist to revise your devotional.
  • ​Polist your writing and choose a title.
Phase Six: Publishing
How can I share my story? Sit back in satisfaction with your devotional in your hands. You have created a testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness that is ready to shine for His glory. This final phase of the writing process guides you to prayerfully consider how to share your story. 
By the end of this module, you will:
  • ​Follow God’s lead as you decide how to share your story.
  • ​Use reader feedback to grow as a writer.
  • ​Seek a FlourishWriters devotional review if desired.
Get a Sneak Peek Inside Three FlourishWriters Lessons
Phase 2: Planning
The Story-Mapping Process
Phase 4: Writing
Writing a Well-Written Story
Phase 5: Editing
Self-Editing Checklist

This course super charged me!

"I am not sure where writing will take me but this says that God has greater plans for me than I can even imagine and He energizes me to do it. What He does for me He does for you!!! 'Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you.' Eph 3:20
Karen McMullin, FlourishWriters Student
When you want to learn a new skill, you simplify the process into the essential elements.

Let’s start with the first 1000 words.

Here at FlourishWriters, we’re all about tackling simple-yet-achievable goals.

Hundreds of writers have gone through our step-by-step course to plan, organize and write their story.
And it works!

But will The Power of Story work for me?

If you’ve tried and failed, you’re not alone. Writing is hard work, but it’s not impossible--when you know how.
Writing your story doesn’t have to be daunting or confusing. You just need a simple, clear process to follow with a guide to cheer you on.

We’d like to show you how to get started with your first 1000 words, so you can learn the essential elements of writing your God Story.

The Power of Story provides all the skills you need to dream, write, and publish your writing with confidence.

By joining FlourishWriters you are joining a movement of women who desire to unleash The Power of Story for this generation and for God’s glory.
Listen to a FlourishWriters Student Share Her Experience with The Power of Story
Are you ready to take the next step? Join us!
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  • The Power of Story 6-Module Course
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About Your Instructors

Hey There! Mindy Kiker and Jenny Kochert, co-founders of FlourishGathering and FlourishWriters, are passionate to help women grow in God’s Word. Together they have authored and published numerous Bible Studies and devotionals, workshops, online conferences and training courses. For those desiring to share their God Story in writing, Jenny and Mindy are guides who help birth stories from the heart to the page. 
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